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AdSAM®‘s Smartphone Survey Application

AdSAM® Marketing now offers the capability to capture immediate rational and emotional reactions on its new smartphone app.

As the percentage of mobile phone owners who have smartphones is predicted to jump to 50 percent by 2011, AdSAM® Marketing, the leading full-service provider of emotional response market research, launches a free, downloadable survey application for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Unlike other mobile survey apps, AdSAM®’s app offers the ability to capture emotional, as well as rational responses by leveraging the ability of mobile devices to capture immediate reaction to stimuli. Marketers can now gain much greater insight into the emotional dynamics of the consumer experience at the point of exposure with their brands, which is critical for developing meaningful brand connections.

The app is now available for download for Blackberry and Android devices, and will be available shortly for iPhones.

Android App

It can be used to take surveys anywhere, any time, as people are out and about in their daily lives. “This program allows you to capture data as close to the experience as possible. For example, marketers can invite potential respondents to download the survey app as part of a mystery-shopping assignment after visiting a store, dining in a restaurant or viewing a movie,” explains Jon Morris, Ph.D., President and CEO of AdSAM® Marketing. Application-based surveys achieve better completion rates than Web-based surveys because they are not affected by dropped wireless service.

With the application, AdSAM® Marketing offers two levels of analysis—topline summary and in-depth—based on the type and objectives of the study. “This mobile survey and the associated analysis will help you understand and take advantage of the impact of emotions,” states Dr. Morris. Understanding emotions is key to understanding people; it precedes rational thought. There’s no such thing as a purely rational decision, but there are purely emotional decisions. Emotional associations are important components in studying brand dynamics, and for developing the most effective positioning for a brand.

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