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Why Are Emotions Important?

Despite what many greeting card manufacturers would have you believe, emotions are not simply warm and fuzzy reactions to a rare or special moment. Rather, emotions are frequent, specific, and conscious indicators of psychophysiological activity. Because of this, emotions are powerful influencers of behavior, relationships, evaluation & consideration, to name a few.
There are two primary forms of human response – rational and emotional. As a general rule, humans respond to external stimuli with a combination of both. However, when evaluating the extremes of this response spectrum, there is no such thing as a purely rational decision, but there are purely emotional decisions.
There are countless methodologies for quantifying and evaluating rational responses on both an individual and a global scale. However, very little effort has been made to dig deeper into our understanding of how emotions drive people’s actions. Tapping into and understanding emotions permits researchers and consultants to more fully comprehend why people think and act the way they do. Ultimately, this allows marketers to better understand their particular market and to create content which elicits more powerful responses from the emotional side of the spectrum. Read more about how we’re implementing emotional insight into marketing and research.