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AdSAM® Measure

AdSAM® utilizes a non-verbal, visual technique to accurately tap into the core of the human emotional responses.

AdSAM® is based on the dimensional Theory of Emotion, which states that every emotion is a combination of three dimensions: Appeal, Engagement & Empowerment. The measure utilizes graphics characters, called the Attitude Self-Assessment Manikin, to depict these dimensions.

AdSAM® has been used worldwide in market research and has been validated over the past 24 years.

AdSAM® has been shown to be highly predictive of behavior and has several advantages over other emotional response measures:

  • Captures more accurate responses undiluted by rationalization
  • Minimizes discussion biases in qualitative research
  • Minimizes language biases
  • Captures the complexity of emotions in a way that is simple for participants
  • Is not constrained to finite selections, as with semantic differentials
  • Effectively used with children and adults
  • Effectively used cross-culturally
  • Easy to administer
  • Can be effectively and efficiently incorporated into both qualitative and quantitative research