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Negativity Now, Optimism for the Future

Attendees at the AAF 2010 National Conference were provided the opportunity to share their feelings about several topics related to the industry by completing an AdSAM® survey that was included in conference bags.

The survey measured respondents’ feelings about:
—The current state of the advertising industry
—The future of the advertising industry (next 2 – 3 years)
—Client-agency relationships in today’s marketplace
—Social media’s current role in advertising and marketing
—Social media’s future role in advertising and marketing
—Their ability to effectively utilize new technology in their marketing efforts
—Job security in the advertising industry today
—The American Advertising Federation (AAF)

Respondents represented a cross-section of professionals from various facets of the industry, as well as students.
—Agencies (advertising, communications, public relations)
—Client companies

The conference survey revealed that:

—There is a need to increase confidence about the state of the advertising industry and to encourage those within the industry to take ownership in providing positive solutions for moving forward

—In particular, the issue of job security emotionally wears on many, and this embattlement and fear can be distracting

—There is more consistent optimism about the future of the industry and an eager anticipation that the industry climate will improve

—There is a need to increase confidence in the effective use of new technology in marketing

—Social media was most frequently cited as the trend that has had the most significant impact on the industry, but feelings about its current role indicate that many are uncertain as to the value

—There is greater excitement, empowerment and respect for social media’s future role in advertising and marketing

—There is a need to strengthen client-agency relationships within the current market environment and to rebuild mutual confidence and respect

—While most have a strong affinity for AAF, there is indication that perceived value could be strengthened among agencies