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AdSAM® is based on the PAD Theory of Emotion and is rooted in a wealth of academic, psychological and marketing research. AdSAM has changed the nomenclature to the more appropriate three dimensions: Appeal, Engagement, Empowerment (AEE).

The Three Dimension Theory, as supported by a recent fMRI study conducted at the University of Florida and published in the Journal of Human Brain Mapping, states that all emotions are a combination of three dimensions Appeal, Engagement and Empowerment. While the Theory was originally developed as a verbal scale, researchers determined the verbal nature of the scale had too many limitations. Thus, graphic characters—SAM (Self-Assessment Manikin) and later AdSAM® (Attitude Self-Assessment Manikin)—were developed to depict each AEE dimension.


AdSAM, a simple but scientifically validated way for you to indicate your emotional response. You will indicate how you feel by quickly selecting the radio button on each of the three rows. You can select the button directly below a figure or in between two figures, depending on how you feel. But you must mark on all three rows.

We’re looking for your immediate emotional response, so don’t over-think it!