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AMOS™ Unique Message Testing System

The AdSAM® Message Optimization System (AMOS™) is a proprietary technique for evaluating and optimizing messages based on the unique combination of emotional impact and traditional market research measures such intention, allocation and differentiation.

We’re constantly engaged in multi-country message and positioning studies. Our clients find that AMOS makes a difference in the way their products are perceived and accepted.

There are two versions of AMOS™ – the standard form, for large-scale projects, and AMOS-LT™, for single-country studies (with sample sizes of less than 100) and for studies with a smaller set of messages.

Standard Version
• Hybrid conjoint analysis
• Suitable for large-scale projects, such as global message testing
• Message elements are categorized by separate dimensions, including efficacy, safety, quality of life, experience, cost and quantity
• Optimization model uses an experimental design to combine message elements from different categories into a series of full-message profiles that are then tested with the universally-accepted AdSAM® measure of emotional response

• More appropriate for single-country studies, with smaller sample sizes (less than 100)
• Also works best for studies with a smaller number of messages
• Messages are tested individually with both AdSAM® and a traditional marketing behavioral measure

The Emotional Strength™ and behavioral strength of each message is calculated, enabling users to prioritize messages based on how effectively they engage the target audience, as well as their potential impact on action. The results also provide insight and direction on benefit emphasis and the most effective way to communicate results.

Contact us for an analysis consultation to learn more about how AMOS™ can be used to optimize your brand’s messages.