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AdSAM® is a system and a group of analysts and consultants specializing in emotional response research and strategic planning. AdSAM® has expertise in a variety of industries, especially Healthcare and Consumer Goods & Services, Automotive, Financial Services and Politics. This experience encompasses several hundred different brands.

AdSAM® can be incorporated into any research design and at any stage of the planning process. From quantitative advanced methods, like conjoint analysis, to basic qualitative methods, like focus groups, AdSAM® is a flexible measure that can bring depth of insight to quantitative research and more precision to qualitative research.

While AdSAM® is a full-service research company that can manage its clients’ research projects from inception to conclusion, AdSAM® can also act as a consultant for its clients’ projects. AdSAM® works with its clients to determine a level of involvement that best suits the needs of the study and its clients.

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