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AdSAM® Deliverables

AdSAM® has a variety of deliverables that are used based on the objectives of the study. A description of AdSAM®’s various deliverables is below. To see some examples of the deliverables, take our sample survey or contact us.

AdSAM® Perceptual Maps©
These maps plot the average pleasure and arousal and dominance scores. Typically, there is a dot for feelings about one or more mean reactions different questions or changes in feelings.

AdSAM® Respondent Maps©
These maps are like perceptual maps in terms of appearance. The key distinction is that each dot represents the PAD score for a particular respondent. These are typically only used in qualitative studies.

AdSAM® Emotion Groups©
Emotion Groups is a big-picture descriptive tool for interpreting cluster results. The deliverable shows what percentage of respondents are within each of the nine Emotion Groups and also feature the emotions that best characterize how the individuals within each group feel. The tool in usually only included in quantitative report, but is used to assist with the analysis for qualitative studies.

Emotion Pie™
This deliverable visually compares the size of each Emotion Group making it easy to compare segments or groups.

Emotion Profiles™
This is a method for summarizing why respondents feel the way they do. Specifically, verbal and written responses are organized by how respondents’ felt about a particular topic. For example, why individuals felt Ambivalent about a topic can be compared to why they felt Interested/Excited about a topic.

Sweet Spot™
This is a key benefit beyond the visual comparison of dots and plots. This allows our clients to set emotion targets.

Emotional Strength™
This index is based on a weighting of 5 prominent emotion groups: Interested/Excited, Pleased but Unmotivated, Warmly Accepting, and Ambivalent. The result is a standardized emotion strength index permitting comparisons between different questions.

Emotional Temperature™
The emotional temperature is a novel way to rank emotional strength for different, brands, segments, etc. A formula is added to the emotional strength to create an index that makes the different elements comparable.